Why Teach Your Baby?

Because Your Baby Can
and will Love to Learn How to Read!!!!

Why should a parent teach his/her baby how to read?

Because it is much easier to teach a little baby (6 to 24 month-old) to read than it is to teach a 6-year-old! Also, there are few activities as joyous for parents and babies as reading ‘play’ sessions.

Reading is the basis of all learning and the acquisition of knowledge and success go hand-in-hand. By teaching your baby how to read, parents can open the door to learning to the world !!

“Every child has, at birth, a greater potential intelligence than Leonardo Da Vinci ever used” Glenn Doman, author of ‘Teach Your Baby To Read’.

We expose children to reading too late! By six or seven years of age the ability to take in spoken or written facts without effort is just about gone. In the same way that it is easier to teach a 5-year-old to read than it is to teach a 6-year-old, it is easier at 4 than at 5 ...

...and easiest of all for babies below one!!

Therefore, I personally recommend starting as early as at 6 months of age.

In this website we will learn how to start teaching your baby/infant the 'Baby can read' method and how to incorporate it into a fun 'playtime' activity that takes little time out of the day. I will also relate the story of how these activities extended into a lifetime of fun and learning for my family.

Welcome and enjoy!

Eliane Leao, PhD